"Simple y Claro"

A short mantra that has a great meaning.

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About Lawgic


Law Firm

We are focused on subjects of innovation and to restate the status quo of these subjets.

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Legal Tech

Being one of the top Legal Tech projects in Mexico and Latin America towards 2025.

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The Team

We are a multidisciplinary team conformed of lawyers, consultants, designers, developers and teachers.

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Lawgic Services

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Intellectual Property

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Legal Cannabis

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Technology and Software Law

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Corporate Law

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Comprehensive Legal Planning


Lawgic Community

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All our former students make up all the Lagwic communities, people with common interests that wish to keep on sharing ideas and to be more professional.

Lawgic PI

83 participants

Lawgic Legal Tech

132 participants

Lawgic 420

233 participants

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HQ México
B. Puerta de Hierro 5225 Int I201
Zapopan, Jalisco México
+52 331817 3456
San Francisco
1450- 104 Sutter St.
San Francisco California
+1 415 802 8554
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Lawgic PI Academy

Lawgic Academy is an online platform in which you will have access to courses, tutorials, contracts, you’ll be able to download lectures, formats, important documents and more.
By choosing a subscription plan in our platform you’ll be able to access every Lagwic Academy service with your personal account and will be able to specialize in one of the most important and evergrowing branches of the law, the intellectual property.
Also, you will automatically form part of our great community.


Lawgic 420

Be part of our 420 community and be part of out integral academy in which you’ll learn legal cannabis business opportunities in Mexico, it’s regulations and industry.



Online platform that ease the constitution of new societies and allows to visualize the requirements that they have for every type of user.